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About Us

Hello suga foots!
I am Traqoya, the owner, maker, and operator of Wintress Daughter Soap! My children and I relocated to Asheville, NC in late 2013 for a new start and better opportunities to provide as a single mother. Soaping was NEVER on my mind or even a desire, until I had no other choice. As a single mother, it was difficult to find what my children and I needed for our skin issues (like eczema) that actually worked and that I could afford. Like with many things, I educated myself on skin care out of necessity and wanting to do all I can to give my children relief. In 2018 I became determined to find a solution and soaping was my turning point. I only wanted to make soap for my home and close family and friends but they encouraged me to make this into something more. This encouragement pushed my focus to the possibility of a business. So, here we are, serving your beautiful self! This business means the world to my children and I, which is why I put every bit of love I can give into each product I make to share with you!
Why Wintress Daughter products?

♥ luxury products
♥ pure essentials oils
♥ premium fragrances
♥ palm free
♥ phthalate free
♥ paraben free
♥ no harsh chemicals
♥ vegan options
♥ purchase from suppliers who support sustainable/cruelty free
practices and no animal testing
♥ handmade in micro batches
♥ organic and unrefined butters/oils
♥ earth derived and skin safe additives

Most of all, this is a black woman owned business and because of beautiful
people like you, this single mom can provide for her beautiful children
and help our wildest dreams come true!
Thank you with all of my heart

We love you! May God bless you!