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Deodorant Cream

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Listen, for years I wanted to switch to natural deodorant, so I attempted to make it and it just wasn't right. My arms itched, my pits felt sticky and slimy, and that whole "natural deo makes you smell like onions" thing was becoming a reality!!! NO ma'am, no sir! It was important to me to get this right because it was for my children and I. My family.

So what did I do? Spent almost 2 YEARS getting the PERFECT recipe! 

A solid to buttercream texture that melts into a powdery finish and leaves no white residue. Shea and mango butters protect the health and integrity on the underarm skin, nourishes, and can help with darkening. The best part, NEUTRALIZES ODORS, NO BAKING SODA, NO PARABENS, NO PTHALATES, NO ALUMINUM, NO SYNTHETICS, NO HARSH CHEMICALS, AND IS VEGAN! We only use pure essential oils to create fresh scents to aid in protecting against odors and keep you fresh throughout the day.

Formulated with odor fighting ingredients that help combat the bacteria that causes odor BEFORE IT STARTS! 


Me and mines DEFINITELY don't smell like onions! LOL ; )

4 oz in glass jar


 To Use: Scoop dime to nickel sized amount onto fingertip and smooth on clean armpit. Massage cream into skin until dry. 



Ingredients: Shea butter, mango butter, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, magnesium, zinc oxide, usda organic essential oils