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Fresh Salt Soap

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This soap is scented with crisp fir needles, hints of juniper berries, and cool pine to create an absolutely FRESH aroma!

Why salt soaps? 

Sea salt is loaded with minerals - magnesium, potassium, calcium and even more depending on where it is harvested. Think Himalayan or Dead Sea Salt. Salt is drawing, purifying and amazing for fighting acne. It helps to restore the skin's natural oil balance which fighting bacteria. If you get pimples in summer from the heat and sunscreen, salt bars will help to cleanse all of that away.

Will salt soaps dry my skin out?! 

You'd think so but (science facts!) salt is hydrophilic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air.

Combine that with the Glycerin, which is naturally present in handmade soap and like salt, has hydrophilic properties. Glycerin is also a humectant - which allows the skin to retain moisture.

Hydrophilic and humectant = a gentle soap that leaves your skin feeling AMAZING. Soft, smooth and not at all dry.

Do they work the same as a regular soap?

Sort of. You will lather it up and wash with the foam as per normal but I find it's the lather that's quite different to normal. It's like a foamy cloud - puffy and light but somehow without giant bubbles. When massaged into the skin, it looks like lotion. It rinses away cleanly and just feels different from regular handmade soap. These are my go-to body soaps during the hot, sticky summer months. They also last SO LONG in the shower. Even in a family situation where lots of people are using the same soap.

Are salt soaps really scratchy?

No, it's more like washing yourself with a smooth rock! To get the longest lifespan out of all handmade soap, we do recommend lathering it up and washing with the lather, not rubbing the bar directly on the skin. So that will also help avoid any scratches, especially if there are larger decorative salts on top of the bar. But in general, I've not noticed any scratchiness from salt bar soap.

Only clean and premium fragrance oils, and/or, pure essential oils are used in our products!

Our soaps are hand poured/crafted, cut, wrapped, and labeled in small batches in  the Western mountains of North Carolina. We take great pride in crafting our artisan and natural bar soaps that meet our standards to come home to you! Some soaps may darken in finished product.

Each bar of soap weighs approx. 5oz. Please note that our soaps are hand cut so actual weight may vary slightly.

Keep your soaps in a dry, ventilated area when not in use. By creating an ideal environment, your soaps will last longer. 

Ingredients : Saponified coconut oil, aloe vera juice, sea salt, coconut cream, kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal, sodium lactate, silk, skin safe color, skin safe fragrance.